Two Songs One Couple

It Feels So Tight

September 24, 2021 PeterSam Season 2 Episode 20
Two Songs One Couple
It Feels So Tight
Show Notes

On this week's episode, Peter and Sam stumble upon an unintentional theme of making judgements on how an artist sounds based on their looks. 

Sam gives Peter Mickey Guyton's song Remember Her Name. It is off Guyton's debut album of the same name which is out today.  It's an important album in the country world, showing us all that representation matters as well as paying tribute to Breonna Taylor.

For the second half, we lighten up the mood with a surprisingly funky tune from Swedish group Dirty Loops.

As mentioned in the opening segment, check out The United States v. Billie Holiday, now streaming on Hulu.

Our songs for this week:

Remember Her Name by Mickey Guyton, from her 2021 album Remember Her Name (out today!) released via Capitol Records Nashville.

Rock You by Dirty Loops, from their self-released 2020 EP Phoenix.

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