Two Songs One Couple

Artistic Ex-Lax

May 21, 2021 PeterSam Season 2 Episode 11
Two Songs One Couple
Artistic Ex-Lax
Show Notes

This week, Sam and Peter celebrate their anniversary by dedicating new songs to each other. You get a glimpse into our relationship and we prove that we actually do kind of like each other.

You also get a visual of Peter that you can't unsee or've been warned!

Special shoutout this week goes to Civics & Coffee!

Our songs for this week:

Paralyzed by The Night Flight Orchestra, from their 2018 album Sometimes the World Ain't Enough released via Nuclear Blast.

Never Break by John Legend, from his 2020 album Bigger Love released via Columbia Records.

As a bonus, here are some of our other songs that we have dedicated to each other:

Let's Get it On by Marvin Gaye, from his 1973 album Let's Get It On released via Motown Records.

Ultimate Cheeseburger by The Meaty Cheesy Boys, from the Jack in the Box Commercial.

This Heart of Mine (I Pledge) by Pain of Salvation, from their 2002 album Remedy Lane released via Inside Out Music.

Walking on Air by King Crimson, from their 2015 album Thrak released via Virgin Records.

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